M Boutique Station 18

Mohd Zarin Reviews M Boutique Station 18

Mohd Zarin reviews M Boutique Station 18. Why don't you take a peek on his blog to have a first hand experience on his stay in M Boutique Station 18? We would like to thank Mohd Zarin, as his photos were really nice. If you ...
M Boutique Station 18

The Wedding Notebook Giveaway

M Boutique Station 18, in collaboration with MYTH Epresso Bar, The Wedding Notebook and Andrew Yep Photographie is proud to present The Wedding Notebook giveaway! We are offering a western styled reception for up to 80 persons including a whole floor of rooms plus a ...

Music That Inspired Station 18

We have always been Music Lovers amongst other things; but it was Music that inspired us for our new home M Boutique Station 18. And of all the Genre's that inspired us, it was Jazz that gave us that added edge for us to complete ...
Looks to the sky

Looking & Looking

One would have thought that completing our younger sister, M Boutique Station 18, would have been easier. Curiously, we have been toiling, day and night, just to get her a little more ready prior to our soft opening. It has been a challenging journey for ...

Online or Offline

Choices, choices, choices. This has always been our predicament for the M Boutique Family. Ever since we launched our new M Boutique Station 18's website, we were faced with a variety of choices, including our fair share of shortcomings. In fact, we pondered on; should ...
  M Boutique Station 18
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