It’s just a usual day for us and routine – coming to work, switching on the computer, reading emails and following up on requests; just to name a few. Today was just a little different. We received a suspicious (yes, we also receive our fair share of SPAM) email from the Asia Pacific Tourism Travel and Awards. We had just woken up and in a daze, one hand on our coffee mug as the other finger prods the down cursor key …. as we scrolled further down, our eyes became bigger and bigger! Gracious! We were extremely shocked to learn that M Boutique Station 18 just won the BEST HOSPITALITY CONCEPT 2019 by the Asia Pacific Tourism Travel and Awards (APTTA)! OMG! We had not entered any awards (though over the years we had, collectively, been receiving recognition for providing good customer service, etc.,) and moreover, M Boutique Station 18 is just a small, small hoMe in what we in Malaysia would deem as a “remote” location … since we are on the outskirts of town.

We don’t know how we got nominated, nor how we won, but the email informs us that their criterion is a culmination of votes, reviews and of course lobbying from our local Tourism Councils. To win against the bigger establishments in Malaysia, we are extremely taken aback. However, we would like to thank all of our Friends and Family Members who have always supported us through thick and thin. In actuality, there is not much difference between a small hotel or a large one, from AirBnB to old style short term rentals, we all face the same issue : how do we take care of our customers as we look to stay afloat as a business? We digress …. once again, A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING US WHO WE ARE TODAY! (Yes we cannot help but shout!). Without you, there would be no us. So thank you, thank you and thank you again!

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