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Welcome to M | Boutique Station 18

Jazzy Vintage Funk at Pengkalan, Perak, Malaysia

The M Boutique Family bids you a warm welcome to our younger sister, the second home that we have opened in Pengkalan, Ipoh, Perak. Station 18 boasts bigger rooms coupled with our signature rebellious M Boutique Flair.

M Boutique Hotel Station 18

Are we are boutique or boutique hotel? There is still much misunderstanding with regards to the general expectations of boutique hotels in Malaysia and we do hope to correct the perception through our Identity Crisis!

M Boutique Station 18

M Boutique Station 18 was inspired during a night out with our BFF Lifeshop Atelier. While wandering the dark streets of Oldtown, we caught sound of soothing tones emanating from one of the Straits Eclectic Pre War Shop houses.

Our Rooms & Facilities

Level 1 M Boutique Station 18

Our rooms are monochromatic, featuring the singular colour that is predominant in our Jazz Tribute. Set against a stark contrast of white, our 2 floors showcases a kaleidoscope of this music genre; strong with pleasant notes.

Myth Espresson-5

Casual Chic, MYTH Espresso Bar offers simple yet great casual dining at M Boutique Station 18, set in a bright, breezy, casual atmosphere with coffee art in a typical English setting. Great for catching up on the latest gossip!

M Boutique Station 18

M Shop, the extension of M Boutique that offers a collection of custom made items exclusively to us. M Shop at Station 18 offers a young and refreshing range of items, in keeping with the latest lifestyle trends.

In & Around

M Boutique Hotel Station 18

A one page collage of photos about M Boutique Station 18, ranging from prewedding, activities, events right up to  a collection of our home’s rooms and interiors. Think of this as our blank canvas where anything goes.

M Boutique Station 18

What’s around Aeon Mall Station 18 in Pengkalan, Ipoh Perak. You will find us situated just beside Aeon, which makes it conducive as it’s nearby most varsities in Perak, and great for a family outing!

The Origins of Urban Vintage in Ipoh

Our Eldest Sister, M Boutique Ipoh was our first home that was conceived after months of passion. Spotting an Urban Vintage look that pays homage to the Straits Eclectic Architecture of a bygone era.


Ride Sharing

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