A Chic Blast from the Past

Long ago, in a city far far away …. approximately 240 kilo meters north of Kuala Lumpur ….. The M Boutique Empire was looking for a partner to do a wedding event for free ….. and they bumped into The Wedding Notebook. Yes, if you recall, we really did do a free giveaway for a lucky couple who reads The Wedding Notebook and here is the proof! (Click Here). In fact we don’t know why today is a wedding day, as we were also talking about weddings at M Roof Hotel & Residences today … on top of that, we were wondering if the article came out from The Wedding notebook on the event that we did together … and guess what? It came out in 2016! Oh dear, we are a little dated here. Anyhow, if you would like to see what the event looked like, just woosy your mouse over to this link and you will be magically transported to the event! Thanks to all our partners who made it possible and hopefully we’ll be able to do another one in the near future! Who knows?

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