M Boutique Station 18

It was a hot and humid night. We were bored out of our wits. Someone suggested we hit the town for a change of pace. Not waiting, the entire M Boutique Family bailed out of our home; taking a slow drive in our convertible around town. As luck would have it, we stopped by Concubine Lane, Ipoh, looking for a cozy spot to drink. We were mesmerized by the sounds of smooth, funky jazz emanating from one of the quite corners in the wee hours of the morning…. taking a seat, we let it loose, and the soul took over, while sipping away the blues, delving in the acid mix, both modern and classic greats. Our mind began to get saturated with the monochromatic mood of funky hip. As we sat, the ambiance crept into our every orifice, as we spied our eyes on lovers stealing a kiss here and there, the image seared unto our minds.

Fixed us it did! This was the catalyst that we needed and were glad that we had a night out in Ipoh town, as we now had a new tune to sing. The end result is our unfinished symphony; M Boutique Station 18, a culmination of different types of Jazz from the greats to the new funk, in a modular monochromatic fashion; contemporary yet elegant; a tribute to the Jazz!