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It's just a usual day for us and routine - coming to work, switching on the computer, reading emails and following up on requests; just to name a few. Today was just a little different. We received a suspicious (yes, we also receive our fair ...
Valentines Special only at M Boutique Station 18

Sakura Romance at M Boutique Station 18

What comes to your mind when we talk about Valentine's Day? Roses? Chocolates? Exchanging Valentine's Day Presents? On this special day where love is celebrated through gift exchanges and romantic gestures for your special someone belies the actual history  named after a Christian martyr. We ...
M Boutique Station 18 + MYTH Espresso Bar

A Chic Blast from the Past

Long ago, in a city far far away .... approximately 240 kilo meters north of Kuala Lumpur ..... The M Boutique Empire was looking for a partner to do a wedding event for free ..... and they bumped into The Wedding Notebook. Yes, if you ...
M Boutique Station 18

The Wedding Notebook Giveaway

M Boutique Station 18, in collaboration with MYTH Epresso Bar, The Wedding Notebook and Andrew Yep Photographie is proud to present The Wedding Notebook giveaway! We are offering a western styled reception for up to 80 persons including a whole floor of rooms plus a ...

Music That Inspired Station 18

We have always been Music Lovers amongst other things; but it was Music that inspired us for our new home M Boutique Station 18. And of all the Genre's that inspired us, it was Jazz that gave us that added edge for us to complete ...
  M Boutique Station 18
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